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The Holly Place of Evangelistria, with the splendid marble temple, the woodcarved offerings, the silver cressets with the offerings hanging from the ceiling, the Temple of ''Finding the Icon'', one level below, where the Holly Icon was found,with the source of holly water, the baptistery, the high campanile, the ''fountain'' in the court where the sanctification was performed, the marble carved plates and the lunettes, the water fountains, the doors, the mausoleum of the frigate''Elli'', the peddle covered court, the smaller chapels, the founder graves, the candle-wax workshop, the cells, the sacrarium and the museums of the Holly Foundation (Exhibition of icons and relics, Gallery, Tinian Artists and Ant. Soxos Museums, Virgin Mary Exhibition).

The very old monastery of The Lady of Angels at Kehrovouni, where Saint Pelagia had a vision of Virgin Mary at 1822. It seems like a village with panoramic view. There you can find a woodcarved temple, small chapels, Pelagias' cell, Lady ''Katogiotissa'', the abbey with the relics, the handcraft exhibition and the live presence of many hospitable nuns.

The numerous villages of the island, all white, climbing on the mountain slopes or hidden into ravines under the fear of pirates, samples of cycladic architecture with joined and scenic rooms, cellars, paved streets and bloomy courtyards, churches, springs (Karya, Tripotamos, Ktikados, Triantaros, Arnados, Dyo Choria, Agapi etc.). Many of these villages has been characterized traditional settlements.

The approximately 1000 dove cotes, masterly constructions of two levels, decorated with small plates of schist in various motifs. An important complex of doves cotes is located in Tarampados, while there are several more at Livadi in Komi-Kalloni and at the area Steni-Fallatados.

The more than 1000 private chapels in a wonderful variety of architectural variations, which are spread all over the island, martydoming religious spirit and beauty.

The windmills, today deserted or ruined (two of them are still in operation: Varvanis' mill in the Town of Tinos, and Kosmas' mill on the road to Kampos), the watermills (Perastra etc.) and the rural constructions (stockblocks etc.) preserving prehistoric patterns.

In the town of tinos, you can walk through the streets of the Lady of Tinos along the shops, the orthodox Metropolitan Church of Taxiarxes with the beautiful woodcarved temple (Istanbul 17th century) and the marble campanile, the other old churches (Malamatenia, St. Yiannis, St. Nicolas, St. Lefteris, St. Paraskevi etc.) bearing beautiful temples and icons, the picturesque area of Palada and the catholic monastery of San Antonio (1743), the catholic temple of St. Nicolas, the Archaeological Museum exhibiting findings of the Geometric through the Roman period, the Neoclassic mansions, the Literary center with the rich Municipality library, the Ecclesiastic Lyceum (constructed by Pikioni's son), the Weaving School and the foursided carved "Kato Vrysi" (1978).


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In the environs of the town, you can visit Stavros, where the old port and a chapel of the same name are located by the sea, Kionia where the ancient temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti is located, St. Fokas, St. Sostis, St. Yiannis at Porto, where you will also see the ruins of a Hellenistic Tower and Lychnaftia (in all those six locations there are beautiful beaches for swimming), the old monastery of Holy Trinity at Gyrla, with a library, an old school, a collection of stonecarvings and a temple constructed at 1764, the church of Agia Varvara at Smovolos and in a small distance from Kionia, the Gastria Cave with the ruins of sacred bema inside and inscriptions from the 7th cenrury A.C.

Xobourgo, an imposing granite mass (640 m. high), where the medieval capital of the island was built and the ruined castle lays there today. The ancient ruins of Demitra's Thesmophorio and two recent religious temples are located there: St. Eleousa (orthodox) and Jesus Sacred Heart (catholic).

The marvelous landscape of Volax village, with the large, smooth granite stones balancing in a wide area on the infertile land. Many of the village inhabitants are occupied with basketry and the traveler may visit their workshops.

The two large villages Falatados and Steni and from there to the beautiful ravine of Livada and Faneromeni. At Mesi, the old Franciscan Monastery (1680), with a beautiful church and blazes on gravestones. It also hosts a small museum with historic and folklore exhibits.

The Jesuit and Ursulines' catholic monasteries at Loutra, the first hosting a remarkable library and the second hosting a Tapestry School and the catholic archdiocese of Tinos-Naxos and Xynara.

The only large plain area of the island at Kato Meri (Komi-Kalloni), with the beautiful picturesque villages around and the marvelous bay of Kolympithra.

The church of St. Aikaterini at Kampos, a monument from the Roman occupation.

The catholic shrine of Virgin Mary at Vrysi and the verdurous village Kardiani, where the reputable churches of the Holy Trinity(orht.) and Kioura (cath.) are located. Beautiful beaches for swimming and resting, are located at Agios Romanos and Giannaki.

Ysternia and Panormos area (Pyrgos and around villages), have been great marble sculture centers. Churches with carved temples and campaniles, mansions, stone carvings, quarries, artistic spirit. At Ysternia, you can find the Artists from Ysternia Museum, the mills complex, St. Thanasis, and a little further the historic monastery of Katapoliani. At Pyrgos, you can find the eminent 18th century cemetary with carved gravestones, sculptor Halepas' home and Museum, Lytra's home, the marble sculpture and woodcarving workshops, the School of fine Arts, the central place with the marble fount. At Platya, another important cemetary. A little further, the old monasteries of Kyra Xeni and Kato Panagia, while in the beach of Panormos and the golf of Ysternia you can find beautiful seashores, fresh fish and a quiet environment.


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