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1)Tinos - Ksombourgo

Ksomvourgo    Climb

Extreme Tinos

An impressive granite mountain, Ksombourgo, is situated in the centre of Tinos. At the top of it, there is an old Venetian castle. The ” absolution from sins” It is the first route to Ksombourgo of Tinos. The visitor of the island will be impressed by the impressive environment of the village Volax. Hudge granite rocks create a magnificent bouldering.

Technical characteristics

Name: The absolution from sins

General difficulty: VI- ( more difficult pass): VI

Date of the first climb: 14.9.97

First climb: Sotirakis D., Varsos A., Papous A., Laganakos N., Simos G.

Second climb : Aris Theodoropoulos, Danai Argiropoulou, 8/98

Useful Materials : nuts, friends, rops..

Comments: the rock is easy to be climbed with bas- relief which makes the climb even easier.

Access: 15 minutes from the traditional village of Ksinara.

Return: Using rappel.

Photogallery : Mountaineering in Tinos

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